The Digital Eye Strain Assessment service from Eyes for Work is an innovative, cost-effective solution which enables individuals and companies to tackle the growing problem of digital eye strain.

  • Quick and easy online assessment which only takes around four minutes to complete
  • Works well on desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Retake the assessment at any time during the licence period to update the recommendations in the report

  • Comprehensive recommendations to manage individual eye strain issues such as tired eyes, dry eyes, headaches and neck ache
  • Information on how to choose the right spectacles, optimise your workstation, and improve eye health with lifestyle choices and healthy workplace practices
  • Web-based report with the option to download it for future reference
  • All reports are confidential
  • Printable letter summarising the key recommendations, which you can take to your next eye test

  • Statistics which enable you to get a better understanding of the eye strain issues facing your workforce
  • Invite new users from your organisation with just a few clicks
  • Complies with GDPR regulations

Buying for a company?

Make an Eyes for Work assessment an integral part of your wellbeing package.