Being a Consultant Ophthalmologist, I have found the Digital Eye Strain Risk Assessment report from Eyes for Work to be an excellent resource for my patients. Changes in the way we work, with ever increased dependence on technology, has created specific stresses on vision resulting in a detrimental impact on quality of life. For my patients who struggle with work-based activities (and non-work based), I will often direct them to this site. It is simple to use and extremely focussed on the good techniques that are available for reducing eye strain and symptoms related to the workplace.

Rakesh Jayaswal

I run a small company and I am always nervous of how the law tends to favour employees over the employer.

I purchased the Digital Eye Strain Assessment for my staff and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Each report is well laid out and offers simple recommendations and advice (loved the 'Thelma' illustrations!).

One of my employees had reported chronic neck problems despite being bought a new office chair for home use. Her report identified that she needed some 'occupational' glasses, which she has now got and....... problem solved!

I can now sleep at night! Thank you!

Karen Cobbett
Managing Director, Springvale Ltd

I found the online assessment very easy and quick to do and the subsequent report came back really quickly. It contained a lot of helpful advice with a lot of quick wins to improve my set up, and tips to ensure I don’t forget to look after my eyes during the working day. There was also specific advice to me to help address the problems I’ve been experiencing. I liked the holistic approach of the report, and the emphasis on healthy diet and lifestyle to manage eye strain.

I would highly recommend the assessment, as before it’s quick and easy, and most of the recommendations within the report can be easily achieved and benefits gained without having to spend any money.

Adrian Walker
Founder of Scions Spirits Company Ltd

Eyes for Work’s Digital Eye Strain Risk Assessment is really helpful. I had been concerned that new normal, home based working practices, with less movement and more screen focus than working in the office, might be doing my eyesight harm. The self-assessed DES Risk Assessment helped me confirm what I was doing right, change some things that I had not appreciated were potentially harmful, and increase my awareness of little things I could do to help my eyesight, all in about 20 minutes. Time very well spent — much appreciated.

John Millar
Global Tax Accountant

I manage a large, Australian multidisciplinary specialist sports medicine practice which treats both recreational and elite athletes. Medicine is evolving away from paper records and X-rays, to paperless screen-based booking, record keeping and radiology systems. Hence, the practice offered the Digital Eye program to all staff and specialists and the feedback was universally positive. I was unaware of the ocular issues within the practice and how they could impact on work enjoyment, comfort and productivity. Please can I complement you on your innovative program and endorse it for all those working long hours in front of screens. Thanks once again.

Dr Mark Young
Specialist Sports Physician

I found the test easy, quick and the results easy to read and navigate. It would be a great addition to company's wellbeing package as a simple and practical test with immediate results and tangible impact.

Isabelle Wies-Griffith
Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience Coach

As a lawyer I work many hours on a screen. I thought my eyes were tired and my neck ached just because of the time at screen. Little did I know that the glasses I was wearing were inappropriate for screen work and this was causing me to adopt a posture that was bad for me. Thanks to my excellent Eyes for Work report, I now wear the right specs for my work station and can work comfortably.

Kevin Barrow
Partner, Osborne Clarke